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2011-02-02 04:15:40 by metalKoRn

Fuckin lazy didnt do video for Halloween. looking for a place to make bank.


2010-09-26 23:18:53 by metalKoRn

I got flash CS5 so now I'm working on a Halloween video

Holy crap time flies

2009-12-04 04:46:56 by metalKoRn

Well I've yet to install Flash on my laptop. I have photoshop but not flash.

screw it

2009-08-31 22:35:48 by metalKoRn

I'm donne making flash video's for now. The last now I made got blamed.

Doing a little flash time

2009-08-25 23:15:52 by metalKoRn

Back up and flashing. Beware the nude...J/k. I'm currently working on a Sonic Flash. I'm using sprites again to get back to my roots of working for hours and turning in a flash before bed. I'm trying to make this one work but it's going to take a little bit more time. This one might take a while so no big deal just hang in there. I don't get on the comp much, but when school starts for them kiddies I will be on more. In gaming news I've played prototype finally and beat it twice. I own a PS3 so I get trophies. Check them out on PSN. My user name is Ice_snake. Yeah it's dumb but I was young and I couldn't think of a cool name. I dont want to loose all my trophies and saves so I'm not going to change my profile for a while.


2009-06-18 22:42:44 by metalKoRn

getting back to work but with some issues

Still off jerking it

2009-04-22 03:08:29 by metalKoRn

Still haven't got around to flash. I've been playing Armored Core 4 and For Answer. I might do a shitty flash about it. LOL. Btw I have an awesome pic me and my friend drew in the middle of class. I did the horrible lettering he drew the tanks

Still off jerking it


2009-04-03 19:46:36 by metalKoRn

Oh great I'm back, but not for long. I'm being lazy. I know I want to put more out there for the three major fans but....I dont feel like it at the moment.

shitty days

2009-02-11 13:37:02 by metalKoRn

Sorry I haven't got to making anymore flash videos. I've been kind of sick. Right now my throat looks like hamburger and it's nasty. Yes I went to the hospital but they didn't do much. They just gave me some steroids and sent me on my way.

Party party party

2009-01-19 22:50:45 by metalKoRn

Nahh not time to party just yet. Just sitting at home playing some Fallout 3. Also working on a few flash video's here and there. Be happy not crappy.